Welcome to the Film Manchester Blog

Bonjour, Hola & Namaste to all of our readers, wherever you may be. And a very warm welcome to Film Manchester's first ever blog post!  Yes, it has taken us a while but we are here and happy that you have joined us for such a landmark occasion. Say what you want about business blogs, we love a good natter and this is the best way to keep you all informed on our upcoming projects and ventures. Whether you stumbled upon us through a Twitter maze, or admired one of our Instagram posts? But most likely you are probably one of our parents or friends, curious to know what it is we actually do? Hello Mum, I am ready to let you into the world of Film Manchester. Grab a brew and enjoy. 


Film Manchester is not a film festival, although we do enjoy being tagged in promotional tweets and accidentally being invited to movie premieres. We will turn up and unapologetically drink your wine. So keep the invites coming. 

We are first and foremost a production service company. We are here to help with anything and everything you may need when filming in the north west of England. When we say anything, we really do mean it. From hiring great crew to recommending the best sushi restaurants, we will look after you from the moment we first connect. We are all about making long lasting and established relationships with all of our clients. If we had a mission statement, it would be at number one. 

At number two, it would be making the north west a film friendly and a great environment to home your next production. We have so much to offer up north, from our fabulous scenery, architecture and atmosphere.  Manchesters architecture in particular is so diverse that you can double up some streets for New York with productions like Captain America: The First Avenger taking full advantage of this. 

This brings us to our FAVOURITE thing that we do. LOCATIONS! Whether it be a scout for a small film friendly cafe, to managing Old Trafford Stadium. Or finding somewhere off the beaten track in the Yorkshire Dales? We have a passion for finding the perfect location to suit your brief. Whatever the budget, we are here to make your dreams come true. Like a locations fairy godmother some may say. 


We can also help you with all the necessary production paperwork, equipment hire and crew. For a full list of our services, check out our service page or contact us today and find out how Film Manchester can help with your next production. 

So enough about what we do, lets get personal for a minute. Film Manchester is a brand, but it is the people behind it that makes every shoot a success. 

Denise, who has lined produced for big factual entertainment and reality shows along with production managing high end commercials. This lady has been in the busy for longer than she would like to admit but is a production veteran and a great asset to our team. 

Jen is a drama queen! with a wealth of experience on drama shoots and feature films. She has worked her way up the ladder and has all the connections for the best crew in the north. She also makes a mean brew! (Cup of tea). 

Glyn is a fixer, he fixes things. His diverse experience in all genres has filled him with the knowledge you need on any production. No problems, just solutions. 


Why are we different?

We're not the first production service / fixing company. And we won't be the last. But like we said in our 'mission statement', we are here to make long lasting relationships with our clients. We offer a fairly priced and professional service every time. We don't hide costs or surprise you with hidden mark ups. We want you to wrap on a shoot and think 'gosh, I can't wait to work with them again.' That is our aim and we are doing a pretty good job at it.

You have made it to the end of our very first blog post. Congratulate yourself with another brew and we'll reconvene at the next one.