In partnership with Suz Cruz North

Film Manchester is a production service company based in the heart of the north of England. We are a network of professional production managers, producers and fixers with a wealth of experience and knowledge who have come together to create a helpful, friendly and affordable production service.

Together, we host a broad range of specialities and skills that could help you with your next shoot in the north of England.

How can we help? We specialise in:

Location Scouting & Management

Crewing - Facilitated by Suz Cruz North

Permits & Paperwork


Research & Story Finding

Manchester is the North's film hub and has quickly become a major competitor to London. Its unique architecture, covering the diverse streets, along with hundreds of stunning scenic views a stones throw away, make it an incredible place to house your next production.

Film Manchester are proud to be in partnership with Suz Cruz North - A 1st class crewing and diary service. Suz Cruz North supply the best crew for all of our productions, making sure each and every shoot is represented with the highest standard of crew the north has to offer. 


For all enquiries regarding any of our production services please contact Film Manchester direct. For any crewing enquiries please contact Suz Cruz North.

hello@filmmanchester.co.uk | +44 (0)161 635 0075 | +44 (0)7874022547

info@suzcruznorth.co.uk | +44 (0)161 635 0075 | +44 (0)7734329508